• Construction, assembly, manufacture of customized pipes, spools, design of fabrication of metal structures, manufacture of toolboxes, DNV 2.7-1 standard skids, metal baskets, storage tanks, steel, aluminum and stainless steel accessories, machining, carbon steel and stainless steel pressure vessels.
  • Solutions in repairs, offshore maintenance and assembly of industrial seafestening projects (boilers, piping, assembly, scaffolding);
  • Basic and detailed engineering projects, planning and execution of maintenance stops in marine units, vessels and large ships;
  • "built" designs with the issuance of basic and detailed drawings, planning and execution for services off the Guanabara Bay in shipyards and moored in ports;


  • We provide certified technicians at various levels to perform services in places with difficult access, applying the rope access method, these are vertical techniques that are widely used in industryfollowing the standards of the international institution IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association).
  • Seeking the development of acting in compliance with legal requirements, we meet our demands in accordance with procedures and regulatory standards, our professional industrial climbers are constantly trained and trained in our base. 
  • We have a training center installed on our premises, so we demonstrate to our partners our commitment to keeping several teams periodically recycled and safe in their operations.


  • We provide various types of inspection tests by NDT to ensure the integrity of equipment and assets.
  • We also develop solutions in visual and dimensional inspections, load test, load test in eyelets, load test in cargo handling accessories, test in containers and containers, skid recertification, metal boxes, tool baskets, tightness test, vacuum box and tests on load lifting equipment using water bags.


  • With a strong work culture idealized by the founding partner of the Company, our mission is to provide much more than specialized metallurgical labor to shipowners. 
  • Our values, beliefs and ideas are rooted in the organization and dictate the way we operate and perform, we have enthusiastic, intelligent and productive people, who are previously selected, prepared and incessantly trained, are experienced engineers and technicians, with extensive knowledge of the procedures required in the operations of the oil and gas industry.

Scope for the supply of technical and specialized labor:

  • Engineers and designers
  • Certified welders (SMAW/GTAW/GMAW/FCAW)
  • Boilers
  • Plumbers
  • Industrial painters
  • Scaffolder
  • Turner
  • Welding inspectors
  • Inspectors NDT
  • Dimensional inspectors 
  • Instrumentation technicians
  • Electricians
  • Industrial climbers (Irata) 
  • Riggers
  • Maintenance supervisors
  • Work safety technicians 
  • Fire watchers
  • Grinders 
  • Warehouses
  • General helpers


  • With knowledge and experience about the supply and distribution chains of the dynamic market in which we operate, we can develop specific and customized projects for each type of contracting, seeking to meet our customer and their demands end to end. 
  • The activities developed by the logistics area form a complete mix of dedicated and exclusive services, namely: just-time logistics for goods, reverse logistics, handling of products with forklifts and cranes, stock management and storage of ultra heavy equipment, transport and material handling with scheduled deliveries. 
  • Our difference to shipowners is the support to their maintenance services in assets and equipment, being able to use our facilities and infrastructure 
  • We offer added services to our space as well as a receptionist, rooms for clients, meeting rooms, changing rooms, transport services, cleaning and 24 hour security.


  • We have been operating since 2009 in the maintenance and repair segment of Oil Spill equipment, serving support vessels specialized in oil collection. (OSRV). 
  • With competent staff and complete infrastructure composed of two warehouses and a retro area on the banks of BR 101-KM 298, we have proven our agility in several services to our customers in the maintenance services of ocean oil containment barriers, we have been prepared to meet 24 hours, seven days a week. 
  • It can be from simple repairs on board, during stop at the port, or specific in our Workshop, with complete revision of the equipment and its components. (demobilization, transportation, crane rental and mobilization).

Scope of supply for services in ocean oil booms: 

  • General inspection at 300 and 400 meter barriers with detailed mapping of the situation and the needs for repairs;
  • Boiler repairs on the spool and reel, replacements of hoses, welding and vulcanization of the PVC fabric, hydraulic repairs, treatment and painting of the spool and reel.
  • Assist in the implementation and execution of the maintenance plan for “Oil Spill” equipment.
  • Inspection and repair of oil containment barriers (Uniboom, Norlense, Markleen).
  • Decontamination (by oil) of plants and ORO equipment of Oil Recovery vessels.
  • Repair and vulcanization of the Oceanic and Umbilical Barrier (Barrier Ro-Boom and Uniboom).
  • Demobilization and Mobilization of equipment on the vessel's deck (seafesting).